Digital Detail Aid

UI Design and Brand Awareness for Iberogast

Digital detail aids are used by sales reps as an informational and marketing tool to help shape conversations with physicians and pharmacists. Designing an interface to engage a captive audience was a key objective for this project. The interactive UI was designed with the ability to capture analytics and capabilities of generating follow-up reports on usage and data-capture.

Project Overview

We aimed to design a flexible and dynamic interface for over-the-counter products, using brand colours, typography, and custom illustrations. The goal was to create a calm and soothing interface that reflects the natural ingredients of the product.

Key Objectives

Create a flexible interface for Iberogast, seamlessly incorporating brand elements and visual storytelling to convey the product's USP of natural ingredients providing fast and effective relief of digestive symptoms.

I began with storyboard of sketches in the early stages of the process to establish a framework with a narrative. These sketches were progressively transformed into functional UI designs, incorporating interactive elements to illustrate the product's key selling points and natural ingredients.

Full project description narrative is in progress

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