Hi, I'm Mai, a Senior UX/UI Product Designer from Wrexham, Wales,

I love creative problem solving and I believe UX design extends beyond the showcased finished product.

Here's a selection of products and projects I've been involved in over the years, showcasing an iterative design process: from analysing the initial UX research, to solution sketching and wireframing, and from concept ideation to detailed UI and product designs —complete with all the highs and lows in between.

UX/UI Design  |  Design System

Product Design  |  Brand Components

UX/UI Design  |  UI Style Guide

UX Research  |  App Concept

UI Design  |  Systems Design

Interactive eDetail Aid Design

CX Product Design  |  UI Design

UX/UI Design  |  Video Hub


I'm an experienced Senior UX/UI and product designer currently working as Creative Lead at Mando in Liverpool UK. I have almost 20 years of experience and a broad skill set spanning all aspects of UX and digital design.

From ideation sketching to high-fidelity detailed designs, I've led teams and collaborated hands-on in every aspect of the digital design process. My expertise includes quick wireframing to showcase user journeys and product enhancements, ensuring seamless handovers to frontend development teams.

I’m now looking to bring my wealth of experience and passion for creative problem solving to new opportunities to start the next chapter of my career. 


Email: mai@5thirty.com  |  Mobile: +44 (0)7703 487077