Product & Component Design

Feature enhancements for the JCB global website

Project Overview

JCB is one of the world's top three manufacturers of construction equipment. The product team collectively identified features and tasks required for meeting KPIs and ensuring ongoing optimisation. My initial involvement was to visually articulate how these incremental improvement could be integrated to the website.

Key Objectives

Once the backlog of feature improvements was created, the retained product team worked in sprints to design, iterate, validate, build and test. Engaging closely with team members, engineers, and clients allowed me as Creative Lead to ensure components are on-brand and are designed to meet accessibility guidelines.

JCB has a distinctive brand presence in its products that extends to its digital presence. Inheriting legacy design assets presented a challenge. I took ownership of creating a robust design system, starting with basic design tokens. Over time, I built a cohesive library of assets within Figma to streamline the design process as we progressed through sprints.

Working within a cross-functional team made the process enjoyable, fun, and productive. Leading the internal team's round-table design review, I quickly validated solution sketches to ensure features met requirements and were technically feasible. This allowed us to progress rapidly to functional wireframes or directly to detailed designs if we felt we met all criteria. 

With the design system I established, I was able to maintain a consistent visual language and maximise the re-use of UI with the library of assets throughout each sprint. As each feature was developed, new components were added to the library.

All prototypes were tested on various devices to ensure that the responsive behaviour met user experience expectations. Having highly skilled colleagues validate design work at regular roundtable reviews enabled me to work at a brisk pace, iterating, validating, and delivering exceptional products to meet client expectations.

Throughout each product delivery, I effectively communicated design concepts and presented design rationale to both clients and the internal team. This was possible due to our culture of open feedback and having highly skilled, respectful colleagues within the team."

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